How to Start Online Business from Home for FREE with No Money

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How to Start Online Business from Home for FREE with No Money

Ever wondered how you could start an online business absolutely free of charge from the comfort of your own home? Then worry no more. The internet is so overwhelmed these days with information on starting an online business which requires paying a coach, mentor, buying an expensive product or membership just to access this information. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with these strategies, but what about those looking to start an online business on a low investment or those perhaps simply looking to test the waters first to see if it resonates with them before they commit?

Well you are definitely in luck today because this article is here to reveal a very powerful yet easy strategy you can use to start your own online business from home with no money whatsoever. And this strategy is popularly known as affiliate marketing. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Step 1 – Pick A Niche

The first step to starting an online business from home for free  is to identify or come up with a niche or product idea. Remember you are essentially going to be a sales person so it is important that you at-least have an interest or passion for the products you intend to promote. Love makeup?Then maybe you should stick to promoting makeup products and not fitness products for example. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell everything in an attempt to generate money fast as this will only confuse your audience hence making you zero sales.

Step 2 – Sign Up With An Affiliate Platform

The second step to starting an online business from home for free is to sign up with an affiliate network. Several affiliate platforms exist such as,,,, etc. However if there are other companies out there you are interested in promotion, then simply check with them to see if they offer an affiliate program, then register with them to get started. Once you register with an affiliate platform, you can then apply to promote the products in your relevant niche after which you will be provided with a referral link which you can send to your customers and earn.

Step 3 – Set Up A Blog

Now we have a niche and some referral links ready to go, its time to start creating some content in-order to begin attracting clients and traffic to our affiliate products. Do not make the mistake or fall into the temptation of spamming people to buy your products be it through email, social media, etc as no one will purchase from you this way. What you need is a platform such as a blog where you can establish strong and long term relationships with your customers, and in doing so they will begin to trust you well enough to start purchasing from you. You can open a free blog at either www.blogger.comor

Once you have a blog opened, start creating content around the niche and products you plan to promote. e.g. if your affiliate products are around weight loss, then what you could do is create an article on the top 5 weight loss tips, then at the end of the article you include your affiliate link for your readers to find out more if interested in weight loss.  This is a more professional approach of trying to sell affiliate products without coming across as just another internet scam.

Step 4 – Promote Your Blog

The final step to starting an online business from home for free is to  start promoting your new blog to your audience. Remember if no ones visiting your blog, then you are very unlikely to make any sales. There are so many free marketing strategies you can use to promote your blog such as; Search engine optimisation and social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PROMOTION YOUR BLOG.

Please note however that these platforms although free and great to get you started. However if you would like to discover more in-depth affiliate marketing strategies, then check out the course at the Income Reap Academy.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS POWERFUL COURSE ON AFFILIATE MARKETING.

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